​Cutting Parameters in CNC Machining

The cutting parameters of the working procedure are the factors that must be considered when programming the NC machining center. 

When selecting the cutting parameters, various factors that affect the cutting must be fully considered. Reasonable cutting conditions and cutting parameters can effectively improve the operation quality and output of the machining center. Then there are many factors that affect the cutting conditions. 

Take the machining center as an example, the equipment itself configuration, the selected tool, the material of the workpiece, hardness and rigidity; Types of cutting and cooling methods; Cutting speed, depth and feed rate; Accurate determination of cutting parameters and feed rate cannot be ignored. 

We know that cutting operation is the most important working method of the machining center. In the cutting operation of the machining center, the cutting speed directly affects the cutting efficiency. If the cutting speed is too small, the cutting time will be lengthened and the tool will not be able to perform its function. 

If the cutting speed is too fast, the cutting time can be shortened, but the cutting tool is easy to generate high heat, which affects the service life of the cutting tool. Therefore, ensuring cutting speed is the most important thing in our work.

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