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Powder coating characteristics

Powder coating is also called spray plastics. The powder coating is sprayed onto the surface of the work piece by electrostatic powder spraying equipment. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the work piece, and then cured at a high temperature to form a protective coating. The mechanical strength of the powder is attached. The effect of anti-corrosion and anti-aging is very good, and the powder used in powder coating paint does not contain solvent and meets environmental protection requirements. The powder coating is mostly used for surface treatment of metal products in industries such as protection, electrical edge, signal receiver, equipment casing and lighting. If you have a custom part to develop, please send us an email to sales@prometalcnc.com to GET A FREE QUOTE.

Spray painting characteristics
Spray painting is a method of applying paint to the surface of a product by means of a spray gun wit air pressure to disperse the paint into uniform and fine droplets. Paint can be divided into three types: bright light, flat light and matte. The spray painting has protective effect on the surface of the product, prolonging the life of the work piece, followed by decorative, beautiful and pleasant, increasing the value of the product. The spray painting treatment is applied to metal, plastic and furniture. In the fields of automobiles, airplanes, ships, electronics, electrical appliances, medical equipment, machinery and equipment, PROMETAL CNC Co. can provide you with different spray painting effects according to your needs. Contact us now. Sales@prometalcnc.com

The difference between powder coating and spray painting
1.Powder coating material does not contain any solvent so it is environmentally friendly. While there’s solvent contained in the spray painting paint so spray is not environmentally friendly.
2.The powder coating has a high utilization rate, about 95%. While the paint for spray painting can only be stored for a short time so the utilization rate is much lower.
3.There are many kinds of paints for spray painting, which the paint category for powder coating is relatively small.
4.Powder coating is thicker than spray painting, while the surface of the spray painting is smoother than that of the spray paint.

Why to choose PROMETAL CNC Co. make powder coating and spray painting?
The powder coating and spray painting process is preferred by many R&D designers and engineers of prototype, low volume production parts and sheet metal parts. PROMETAL CNC Co. not only provides powder coating and painting treatment, but also provides: anodizing, iron fluoride Dragon spray, electroplating, passivation, polishing, sand blasting, wire drawing, silk screen printing, laser engraving, electrophoresis, CD pattern, etching, highlighting, etching, if your new product has surface treatment requirements, you can contact us, we can You provide a reference suggestion or a free sample.

In addition to surface treatment, we are also very good at various processing techniques. We have more than 30 advanced processing equipment, which can customize your processing technology, such as: CNC milling, CNC lathe machining, wire cutting, EDM, laser Cutting, CNC bending, stamping, drilling, tapping and other processing, 1~10000 pieces of hand model and precision parts can be customized, 3-5 days global delivery, now send 3D/CAD files to us, within 2 hours Get a free quote.