The Features Of Milling Process

Here is a prototype service manufacturer talking about the features of milling process.If you need any information about CNC Milling Service China, feel free to contact us.

CNC lathes can be used to machine complex rotary shapes. Milling is to fix the blank and use a high-speed rotating cutter to cut the blank and cut out the desired shape and features. Conventional milling is used more for simple contouring features such as milling contours and grooves. CNC milling machines allow for the machining of complex shapes and features. The milling and boring machining center can perform three-axis or multi-axis milling and machining for machining, molds, inspection tools, tire tools, thin-walled complex curved surfaces, artificial prostheses, and blades. When selecting the content of CNC milling, the advantages and key functions of CNC milling machine should be fully utilized.

(1) Curve contours on work pieces, straight lines, arcs, threads or spiral curves, especially curve contours such as non-circular curves and list curves given by mathematical expressions.
(2) A spatial curve or surface of a mathematical model has been given.
(3) Although the shape is simple, the size is large and the parts are difficult to detect.
(4) The inner cavity, the inside of the cabinet, etc., which are difficult to observe, control, and detect when processed by ordinary machine tools.
(5) Holes or planes with strict dimensional requirements.
(6) A simple surface or shape that can be processed in one setup.

(7) The general processing content that can effectively improve productivity and reduce labor intensity by using CNC milling.

The main processing objects suitable for CNC milling are the following types: plane profile parts, variable bevel parts, space surface contour parts, holes and threads. If you need CNC Milling Service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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